Cheating at Poker Online Rooms- how?

Poker is a highly competitive game. And online poker is no different from live poker in this front. But cheating remains an issue. Some players would like to do anything they can to gain a competitive advantage. The medium through which players play poker online facilitates this.

But now day’s online rooms have also become aware of cheating and tricky schemes that people employ. In this article, we are going to mention of some of the methods employed by online poker cheats. And, how people tackle them?

Abuse of protection feature

Basically, the money that poker players invest in the pot will remain safe in case he disconnects. When the player comes back, he will receive the money he invested. It happens because it was not his fault. If the poker player who somehow got disconnected wins the pot, then he would win only the part he bet on before disconnection occurs. In addition to that, the player with the next best hand wins any side pots during disconnection.

Some poker players try to exploit the liberty they get with this feature. They disconnect their internet connection, when they become indecisive about their next move. This is a cheating and online poker rooms try their best to catch this fraud. Earlier you get a time period for which you as a player can disconnect yourself. But not with growing abuse to the facility most poker online rooms stopped this alternative. Now day’s most poker online rooms prevent this cheating by tracking disconnects. Online poker players who fall as suspects may have to face a ban or even they are liable to monetary compensation.


Collusion is an act of two players covertly working together. This teaming they form to benefit a single player. To elaborate on this let us imagine two or more are playing at the same table. Now they can easily share information about each other cards. They even can work together to livebet88 increase the pot size at their will. Maybe the intention is to share profit in the end. But such practice is unethical. Collusion is extremely difficult to spot as it is hard to tell whether players are playing good or bad willfully.

The poker online rooms have the complete history of players who play the game with them. They track the history of players playing at the same table more often than not. This makes them potent to catch if there is a possibility of collusion.


This is difficult to track as you only need an email id to create an account at situs online poker. And in the current internet era, it is a cakewalk to create an email id for you. A player can take advantage of signing in with a different id and play in the same online room. This is easy to spot as online poker rooms track players who often play together. As a player, you can face serious consequences if found guilty.

These are the common cheating methods that many players employ. But poker online rooms have also become smart enough to catch such unethical activities.